Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

1. We've been flying solo this week. Steven is in St. Louis. What was suppose to be a 24 hour trip has turned into 3 days! Sophie B. is missing her daddy like crazy. I'm missing him too.  I'm not sure how much he's missing us though, he's sitting at a Cardinal's game at the moment!

2. Wild woman is going to try out Karate next Monday. Apparently karate is good for kids who could use some discipline. Yeah, that's Soph. Plus, she may be little but I want her to be able to unleash the furry on anyone who f's with her. Just keeping it real people.

3. I sold my first ebay item! I listed Sophie's Indian costume from last Halloween. A bidding war broke out over it in the last few minutes so I ended up making $30! I'm tempted to cruise around my house and start selling stuff! 

4. And speaking of Halloween, it's right around the corner! Sophie has said for months that she wants to be a witch with a crooked hat. Um yeah. 

5. Mama is now working 8:00-4:00 instead of 8:30-4:30. This tiny little 1/2 hour is going to change my life. No more crazy traffic at 4:30. Not to mention the fact that I had been getting to work at 8 for over a year anyway! 

6. I'm watching America's Got Talent. Is Mariah Carey seriously married to this Nick Cannon dude? WTH?

7. One more week and my little cousin gets hitched! The Carr family is going to be big pimpin'. Soph will be sporting a black and white polka dot number. I'll be rockin' a dress from my latest obsession, Boden. If you want to feel like you are the size of a house, order clothes from Boden. Their sizes are English. So yeah, I'm a GIANT. 

8.  Reggie is possessed by the Devil. Seriously, that cat bites. He bites hard and he bites often.  

9. Some new neighbors offered to give us a brand new giant dog kennel for our garage because they knew that eventually we would get another puppy. We want to do something nice for them because they are refusing to take any money and I haven't a clue what to do! Any thoughts? I hate to get them gift cards or dinner gift certificates b/c that has price on it. Know what I mean. 

10. And maybe, just maybe, this little girl will be chilling out in that kennel:

I posted her pic on facebook so some of you have already witnessed the cuteness that is Stella. Long story short, Steven's aunt knows someone who's boxer just had a puppy. That's it. One puppy. Don't those eyes say "TAKE ME HOME." But we weren't planning on filling that empty space in our hearts this soon.  Then again, maybe she's just what we need.


Anonymous said...

aww how cute that is what ms sophia needs shes adorable! Mrs.Alicia

Anonymous said...

I would be taking that baby girl home with me


Anonymous said...

I would be taking that baby girl home with me


Anonymous said...

First off -- love Boden. Especially the children's clothes. Very cool. Here is an idea for a thank you for the neighbor -- cookies from Cheryl's Cookies. They are delicious and packaged nicely. http://www.cherylandco.com/

Carrie S.

Neurotic Atty said...

Maybe you could make them dinner one night. And get the puppy. Seriously.

spinster girl said...

Boden is awesome! I just try to remind myself that European sizing is "chic" (at any size). You do what you have to when you wear a size 41 shoe :)

Anonymous said...

the puppy is adorable. cookies are always a good idea.

Anonymous said...

The puppy is adorable! No matter how long you wait, Oscar will never be replaced, but trust me, you will love another dog just as much! Soph needs a pup to grow up and I think she'd be perfect for Sophie! -Amy

Shana-Lynn said...

Awww, she's cute.

I am truly sorry to hear about Oscar!

Janice said...

3. Way to go on selling your first ebay item! I love selling stuff on Ebay but it sometimes gets too tedious writing all the info down.

46. Yeah, I can't believe those two are married, either. That's the weirdest coupling I've seen lately.

10. You HAVE to get that puppy!!!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Love that puppy face! And love Boden! I've not purchased any yet but some of the pieces are to die for and the prices aren't all that bad. Love the kid's clothes, too!