Saturday, August 1, 2009


Word on the street is that Gracie and Sophie have been arguing at school like teenagers, all day, and everyday. Stephanie and I like to call it "sisterly love." So today we decided to have a girls day and get pedicures, manicures and lunch at McDonald's.  The strange thing is that they get a long perfectly outside of school. Must be daycare drama that brings out their petty sides! 

Well it just happened that the other day I drove by a nail place and saw that they had little kid pedicure chairs! Freakin' adorable. 

Pedicure and manicure for a 3 year old- $25
Lunch at McDonald's- $6
Spending the day as a diva with your best friend- Priceless
Mothers that will pay $25 for said manicures and pedicures- Suckers


Stephanie said...

Love it!!!!! I hope you send me copies of all the pics!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg how cute! Where is that place at lex would love it!

Anonymous said...

How freakin' cute are they!! Makes me want a girl :-)

Jonathan's Mommy said...


Paula said...

We have those at the bridgeport cute.

Shana-Lynn said...

HOW adorable!!!!