Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Video Time

Ok so these are pretty long. "Tony Chestnut" is almost 3 minutes and Jingle Bells is 1:32. But if you make it through "Tony Chestnut" and on to Jingle Bells, you can see the Soph pulling some "More CowBell" like Will Farrell. 

Here's Tony Chestnut. I love the little boy standing beside Sophie at the end. He takes one good looking bow. 

And for the record I do see one kid in green and 2 others with red shirts on! So Maria, Jennifer, Paula, and Jenny, SUCK IT! I received confirmation today from the PJ that red party dresses were perfectly acceptable. So my conscience is cleared! HA! 


starfitch said...

OMG that is pure chaos but you can tell they all loved it! So much fun. You rock for sending her up there in that dress anyway. I love it!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Hey, I would do the same thing! But I am happy to see that you are not the only one ;)

Jenny said...

That is so funny and I agree, pure chaos!!! Sophie sure does know how to work a stage!

And although you may still be that mom, at least you weren't the only one! :)

Anonymous said...

loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

Jami said...

she is a superstar!! how fun!

Janice said...

That is just too cute!! I love how she stood out with the red dress! Cameron just had his sing-a-long too but I think he had a little nervous breakdown seeing all the parents and their cameras, ha-ha!