Monday, December 8, 2008

10 on Tuesday Eve

1. On Saturday, we headed back to the Capitol Market so I could take some Christmas pics of Emmy and Harley: 

and wouldn't you know it, this guy:

was there!

2. Little Bit sat right on his lap. But she was having a bad day, hair wise and mood wise and didn't have to much to say. Although she did swipe plenty of candy canes from him. Please excuse her refugee like appearance. 

3. We had a little cookie making par-tay yesterday with five of Sophie's peeps. I didn't get to snap any photos during the party but here's an "after" shot. Little Bit was way more interested in playing with her friends than making cookies.  I think she made one cookie and then said "I want to go play."

4.  She played a little "too hard." I found this on the couch after the party. Daddy passed out watching football and Little Bit past out from being the hostess with the mostess.

5. Tomorrow is the Christmas show at daycare. So stay tuned for some footage! They will be singing "Tony Chestnut." Get it, "toe, knee, chest, nut." It took us forever to figure out what she was singing. Thanks to YouTube we finally figured it out.

6. Just 5 more days and we'll be in Mexico! Is it sad that we are telling Sophie that we have to go out of town for "work?" I guess we will be working, on our tans that is! We do feel a little guilty, so she may get a trip to Cinderella's castle as an after tax season gift.

7. Sophie's "Super Sophie" cape came in the mail today from Etsy and it is ADORABLE! Definitely check out Superfly Kidz

8.  Who out there buys a real Christmas tree? I've NEVER had one. But I am dead set on getting one next year. 

9. Steven and I actually watched "Children of the Corn" last night. What a movie. Parents should NOT be allowed to name their child  "Malachai." It's just creepy. 

10. Mr. Elf now has a name. Chewy. Yep, Chewy. And Chewy was caught in the bathroom this morning. I guess everyone has to poop. 


Anonymous said...

Those girls are adorable. I can't believe how big they both look. That was a really goodlooking Santa. Sophie looks like she was having a barrell of fun. After that cookie party I would have needed a nap too. I know where she got the chewy name but I'm not telling.

maria said...

this year will be my first real tree, i will let you know how it goes. i love the 2 of them passed out! with a terrible towel, of course

starfitch said...

We have a real tree! We've had one each year since being married. We go out on Black Friday to a tree farm and cut our own, it's a fun tradition we hope to keep up. I find that if you cut it yourself and know exactly how fresh it is, and then keep it watered well, it doesn't drop needles at all.

Love Chewy. I really want to do that next year!

Katie said...

Clearly being the hostess with the mostess is exhausting! I haven't had a real tree since I was a little kid because my mom and brother were allergic.

Jenny said...

We have had a real tree for a couple of years. We always cut it ourselves and make sure to water it everyday (with warm water- cold makes the sap harden) and really don't have any needle issues.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

You should not feel guilty AT ALL about your Mexico trip! It's necessary to have some couple time and Sophie will appreciate it in ten years when you are still married!

Susie PSU said...

Ours is named "Elfie". Totally unoriginal, but it works.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Sophie sleeping with her daddy is too precious! To our surrise, Ty wasn't afraid of Santa this year either. He was more interested in his white gloves! -Amy

Anonymous said...

The real christmas tree idea, they are very beautiful! I got one last year but it was a mess! I ended up developing allergies to the thing! Everytime I walked by it, I would sneeze like crazy and my eyes would itch! Just a thought but they look very nice. :]