Thursday, July 17, 2008

28 Months

My dear sweet Little Bit,

I'm actually writing this month's post on location. No, I'm not laying on a tropical island sipping on margaritas. I'm currently camped out in front of your closed bedroom door. Occasionally, I lay as flat as a human can possibly lay and peek one eyeball under your door to ensure that a little pair of size 6 feet aren't dangling from your big girl bed. Little feet that are ready to make a bee line for your door which you open, run down the hall, giggle and yell "wookie at me!" 

 So I'm camped out in front of the door and I will remain here until I win this little battle. And yes, I have held the door shut a time or two when you've tried to open it. Your daddy thinks that you'll probably end up needing therapy for that little number. But come on, you were virtually "trapped" in your crib. And you're no worse for the ware. Besides, as I've had my eye ball to the crack beneath the door, I watch you grab a book, crawl back into bed, read it, toss it to the floor, and then pass out. But if your life ends up spiraling out of control and you end up selling sea shell necklaces on a beach in Taiwan to make ends meet, there is now documented proof of when it all went to hell and we can all blame mama.  But as I'm finishing up this paragraph I'm pretty sure that you're in between that funky state of sleep and awake. And you'll wake up in the morning and say "I sleep in big girl bed." Like it's the proudest moment in your life and winning a gold medal at the Olympics couldn't be much better. 

So you're a fourth of the way into your second year of life. You amaze us every single day with something new that you either say or do.  BUT sometimes you completely puzzle us. Why is it that you still flat out REFUSE to learn colors. I'm mean seriously. It's getting a little old. Not everything in the world is pink or yellow. And all of your little friends can say "oooo red truck!" Or "oooo green ball." What's the deal? I know darn well that a kid who can hook a dvd player up to a tv or say her ABC's  , can surely to god tell us that a banana is yellow.  You still get totally ticked off at us when we ask you "which crayon is red?" I swear if you could, I think you'd like to tell us, "I really don't give a sh*t which crayon is red, just give me the damn crayon!" What am I saying "if." Wouldn't surprise me if you'd bust that one out on us next week.

This month has been really hard on yours truly. I know I've beat this topic into the ground but it really does pain me that you still aren't lovin' your new room at daycare. Actually I think you hate it with the fire of 10,000 suns! At least you do in the morning when I drop you off. You king to me as though I'm about to toss you into a volcano. However, I've had reports from people who see you shortly after I drop you off and you're just fine and dandy. So maybe  you are just trying to rip my heart out because you get some kind of enjoyment out of it.

So that's month 28 Sophie B. Carr. You have such spunk. Oh one funny thing does stick out in my mind. After we got back from the beach we headed over to Joel and Shannon's house for a surprise birthday cookout for Joel.  You love birthdays parties more than anything. Well I think everyone got a kick out of you singing screaming "Happy Birthday" to Joel with your dress pulled up over your head. Who needs Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday" to them when they can have Soph B. 


Megan said...

Oh, Kim! That last sweet!!

Honestly, I think it's kind of funny about the KNOW she knows them, and just isn't telling you!! It's just one of those little mind games that toddlers play with us mommies. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain when it comes to bedtime and i have spent plenty a night over the yrs doing the same thing.okay maybe not holding the door shut but whatever works. I have a friend that took the door off and put up a screen door. love all the pictures sophie is a cutie


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the last picture!!! -Amy

Anonymous said...

Look out Marilyn, here comes Little Bit! That is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. You should blow it up and hang it on her wall when she is 16!! LOL
Oh, and trust me, I have held the door shut many, many, many times...and I'm sure I'll do it again in about a year or so! Maybe we can get a family rate for therapy. Have a fun weekend in PA

Shana-Lynn said...

I know I say this like "every"time I comment, but you are hilarious. I mean seriously, I have such a picture painted in my head of you sitting outside her bedroom door writing this post! LOL. I love Sophie's spunk, that is great. She's such a character.

Like Megan mentioned, I bet she knows her colors too. Aubree was like that with her letters for a while and is now finally interested in them a bit. Numbers are another story. She's got zero interest, which drives me batty. Good luck with that spunky girl of yours.

LOVE the last picture.

CBRESQ said...

The last picture is AWESOME!!! I am sure you and all the other mommas out there will find yourselves doing things you never thought you would do - guarding the bedroom door is one of them. It makes sense to me - sleep (for all involved) is not to be messed with.

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Another great milestone post! I always laugh and cry alternately. Great pictures, too!

Jami said...

LOL about being on location!! I feel your pain with the daycare situation. Zack went through the same thing. It tore my heart out and I was desperately searching for a way that I could stay home with him and still feed the family. Hopefully she'll adjust soon.

Anonymous said...

this is emily from her old room at daycare. she is playing you with her colors lol, i was at outside when she was and i asked her some colors and she was telling me the colors and she was right, don't worry about her she is a smart cookie :)

Anonymous said...

Sophie proably knows her colors but knowing her she just likes messing with you. Love the look in 2nd pic and the last one is just precious. She is just going to love these posts when she gets older.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am so happy to hear about another stubborn kid!! For us it's numbers but I find solace in the fact that I am not alone!

Love the last picture, too--you can totally envision her screaming happy birthday!

Janice said...

Once again, this is an awesome and hilarious post!!!!! I think Sophie, Cameron and Ava should totally meet because I can so relate with you on so many things - I've grown quite a number of grey hairs since the kids were born. I love love loooove the Sophie's "Marilyn" pose! And I do think Sophie knows more colors than you think ;-). Happy 28 months, Sophie!!