Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. My little girl is showing a whole new level of independence. We just got back from swimming at Gracie's house and I didn't even have to get in the water. I just sat on the side of the pool and watched her go to town. Man maybe by this time next year I can go back to reading 5 books while on vacation.

2. My parenting skills also went to a whole other level this weekend.  I bought my two year old a $4.50 Starbucks drink because I didn't feel like listening to her cry because she wanted mine and I was in one of those non-sharing kind of moods. And I HIGHLY doubt it was caffeine free. But seriously, in the grand scheme of things, it's not like I handed her a crack pipe. 

3. Do you guys remember those ultra cool shoes of the 80's called "Roos?" Well guess what. They still make 'em. And guess who's gonna be sporting them this fall. And they still have the little side pocket for your change!

4. I'm ashamed to admit this but I have not had a hair cut (or a dye job) since OCTOBER! And it looks like I haven't had my hair done since October. That's just pathetic. 

5. I found THE FUNNIEST blogspot ever the other day, www.cakewrecks.blogspot.com
It all started because of this cake, which made it's way around the Internet. Whoever is writing the commentary on this blog is hilarious! FUNNY STUFF! My personal favorite this little number. I'm thinking we need that for my friend's shower this Saturday. God, what is wrong with people! 

6. Someone I know was taking the bar exam today and it hit me that it's been 5 long years since I sat for 2 long days taking that stupid test. I probably couldn't pass that thing right now if my life depended on it!

7. The big girl bed transition has been going much smoother. Tonight Little Bit went right to sleep. However, last night she did make a break for it.

8. Soph is getting to be a big fan of the show Max & Ruby which I CAN'T STAND. Seriously, Ruby is just a bitooochy big sister. That's basically the gist of the show. 

9. My mom, aunt, and I are trying to work out an all girls vacation this fall with my grandma. BUT I think my grandma is getting to the age where she doesn't want to leave home for very long. I pray that when I'm 80 I'm anywhere but HOME in WV. Please let me be in a retirement home in Florida playing shuffleboard. 

10. Is this not the biggest chair you've ever seen?


Megan said...

That big chair is awesome! It made me do double-take for sure.

Congrats on the big girl bed!!! So awesome!!

Anonymous said...

UH, hello???? What about your cousin for that all girls vacation. I could use some serious time off here!!!!

And come on, you gotta love Max&Ruby...Ruby and Max. That Max, he is a bunny of few words. Kenneth can't stand Louise.

Oh, and the Starbucks thing, done that a thousand times coming right from Dr. Childer's office. Whatever shuts em up.

Paula said...

i bought lydia her own cone today at the DQ b/c i was also not in a sharing mood

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm only 50 but I would love to play shuffle board in fl. Kel, I hear you girl, how hard would it be for you to go? let me know

Anonymous said...

I love Roos. I wore a pair in kindergarten. Also, do I need to come to WV and make you take some time out for yourself -- you need to schedule a day to get your hair, nails, etc. done but I can see how this can happen -- I spent 3 hrs. last night picking out baby stuff (wasting time):)

Take Care!
Carrie S.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Wow--so much to comment on here!

I LOVED my Roos and, if they made the ones you linked to in my size, I would totally buy them!

Jonathan also really loves Max and Ruby. Heather and I were talking about it while we were at Buffett and we just don't get it. Ruby is not nice!

I am totally loving that cake blog! Right up my alley!

That picture with the huge chair is hysterical! She looks like a minature doll!

Shana-Lynn said...

That chair is HUGE, wow!

"We" are huge fans of Max & Ruby. Ruby is incredibly bossy, but Max is the best.

Janice said...

When I first saw Sophie on that chair I thought you had Photoshopped her.

And oh my God, that Cake Wreck blog is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!

karthika said...

Very Nice.........

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