Monday, September 3, 2007

Dog Paddle

Warning: Picture overload and believe it or not there's not one of Sophia!

This evening we took Oscar the Boxer for some much needed fun. Since Sophie B. came into the picture he gets the shaft 99.9% of the time. But tonight it was all about our D-O-double G. Pools closed for the summer today so the local wave pool hosted a "dog swim" to help raise money for our new shelter. We didn't know what to expect. We pulled into the parking lot and the place was packed with people and dogs as far as the eye could see. Big dogs, small dogs, puppies, old dogs, coon hounds, wiener dogs, Boston terriers, poodles, pugs, dobermans, a million Labs and Goldens, and even a few lazy bull dogs. Name a breed and I guarantee you it made an appearance. Oscar had a BLAST. Some of our friends went so Oscar got to play with Winnie (Gracie's boxer), Casey, and Morgan. Sophie got in on the action too. I couldn't keep her out of the pool and away from the dogs. The kid is a major animal lover. By the time we left I had her stripped down to her diaper because she was drenched from head to toe. Of course you can't really stay dry when you dive in after your dog. Look for us on WSAZ News Channel 3, you just might see us!

Oscar and Winnie getting ready to take a dip.

A sea of dog hair and dog pee, I'm not even kidding.

Check out that butterfly!

The poor thing was TIRED by the time we left.


Megan said...

How cute...I've heard about these dog swims, but haven't ever seen one. Looks like a blast!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am so sorry I didn't go after looking at all the pictures. Sounds like a riot of fun

Maria said...

Sounds like Oscar had a good time! To bad we dont live close, Izzy would have been all for the swimming pool action!

Jami said...

what a great idea! looks like the dogs loved it.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Oscar is SO cute--I am totally trying to talk my husband into getting a boxer in the spring, but his is unrelenting thus far!

Stephanie said...

Winnie crashed as soon as we got into the car! It was a lot of fun, we will have to do it again since we now know what to expect!

Janice said...

Wow, that is so cool! Hope Oscar got to make some new friends! I have never heard of "dog swim" before. That's great Oscar got to participate! And of course, Sophie, too!!

Anonymous said...

Morgan was so tired! We ended up running into Tony S. and stayed for another hour- Morgan did a little better with fewer dogs around. She was exhausted by the time we got to the car!