Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beach List

Our beach trip went off without a hitch. Well except for Steven's brother's brand new car getting hit in the in the parking garage and the jackasses didn't even leave a note. Klassy.

Also Klassy were the two human whales we witnessed getting into a cat fight on the beach. It was more like a slow moving sumo match. Lady #1 kept getting splashed by Lady #2's kids. Lady #1 said something. Lady #2 decided to open up a can on her. I will say that after it was broken up each lady went back to their respective seats like it was just another day at the beach.

Oh how I love watching these two play together. Zachary and Sophie are 11 months apart. They have always played so well together. Although they do yell, hit, tattle, and as seen here, point fingers at one another!

Don't bother going to the aquarium on the Grand Strand. When you have the idea, guarantee that 29383 people have the same idea.

My water sprite really wasn't a fan of the beach. By day 2 she wanted the pool and only the pool.

Not quite sure what this is all about. I think it's a four year old possibly trying to look hot and wink. Definitely needs to work on the wink!

Or this.

I might as well jump.


Might as well jump!

Go ahead, jump, Jump!

Go ahead, Jump.

No air Madie and Sammi. Still to little to really get off the ground. But next year I'm sure they'll be

Beach quote of the week.
Soph- "Aunt Lawawa, can you pick up my stuffed fish?"
Aunt Laura- "What's the magic word?"

Stella Bella did great while we were gone! YAY! But she's such a diva. I know that part of her finickiness and pickiness has to do with the fact that she doesn't feel 100% most of the time. But sheesh. I have no doubts that in a former life she was a southern belle growing up on a plantation. Her death bed scene would include a canopy bed, propped up on 20 pillows, silk jammies, and slaves fanning her with palm leaves during her final hours.

We came back from the beach with a case of swimmers ear turned raging ear infection. It's even painful pulling a shirt over my girl's head. So she's on an antibiotic AND ear drops. The ear drops are fun times putting in. So we wait for her to fall asleep and then creep into her room. She's probably going to have nightmares of aliens coming into her room and probing and prodding her with titanium instruments.

So until next year!

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

Great pictures! It's just not summer without a beach vacation!

Love Sophie's suit! Totally makes me wish I had a girl!