Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Pipsqueek

Those cooky Chinese. Seriously what will they think of next? Pet hamsters that don't require feeding or stinky cages! Pure genius.

Before Christmas I had never even heard of a Zhu Zhu pet. Then all of the sudden I started seeing posts on Facebook about people on the hunt for these little critters. I was intrigued. And trust me, if there's a band wagon, i'm gonna jump right on. So I headed to the Zhu Zhu pet website. Oh my are they cute! They even drive little cars around!

So I found one at the Walmarts. Pipsqueek to be exact. And I bought Pipsqueek a fun house. And since these pictures were taken we bought a hamster wheel. So he zooms around his fun house. Makes little squeaky sounds and runs on his wheel. I have to say he's pretty darn cute. And Sophie looooooves playing with him. Stella tries to stomp his guts out. Guess it's a good thing he's not real. Reggie runs.

Unfortunately, these things aren't the best quality. Soph took Pipsqueak outside to show the neighbors on Sunday. She sat him on the drive way and he scooted around a little. Now, he doesn't work all that great. I think the concrete was a little too rough. So now I've gotta find a $7 replacement and more accessories. We are shooting for an entire hamster world!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

We have several pieces too--I am am right there with you on the bandwagon thing--I SO jumped on and Santa brought some hamsters and the pieces for Christmas. I think they are easier to find now, though. We've had one stop working but luckily we had two to take their place!

Shana-Lynn said...

Very cute. I am kinda glad Aubree doesn't know a thing about them though. Hamsters real or not, just aren't my thing. :(