Monday, July 20, 2009

Play Ball

Unbeknownst to me, Steven grabbed my camera for a few minutes over the weekend. So I cracked up when these pics downloaded onto my computer. Sophia has never, ever, in her 3 years of life played baseball. But in true "know-it-all" fashion she decided to take it upon herself to teach a four year old little boy how to play tee-ball. 

Tee-ing it up! 

"And you want to hit it over that way." 

Outta here!

So the funniest part of this little exchange was Steven telling her to move out of the way so "he" wouldn't hit her with the bat. Sophie's reply. "no no no daddy, HE is a little girl." Um yeah. Guess she hasn't been around a little boy with longer hair. Bwhaahaha! 


Jonathan's Mommy said...

What fun pictures to find randomly on your camera!

Katie said...

I can see how the little boy with long hair would be confusing. Sophie was just trying to help him out with her baseball wisdom. Very cute!