Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10 On Tuesday

Here's 10 on Tuesday mixed in with some slip-n-slide pics.

1. So my child ran away from home today. I "thought" she was in the garage riding her bike while I was cooking dinner. Turns out she can unlock a dead bolt. I caught her 3 houses down. I've never wanted to beat her so bad in my life! Instead I yelled the entire way back down to our house about how she could have gotten hit or abducted by Mexicans. 

2.  HA! Just overheard from upstairs while Steven is putting Little Bit to bed, "why is your hair all gone?" Boy that's gotta make him feel great!

3.  I'm getting the urge to start painting rooms in our house! The problem is that I can never commit to a color. So I'm thinking I want to start small with the laundry room. I'm thinking green. 

4. My mom and stepdad is at the beach right now, and will be there for 2 WEEKS! Right now, I hate them.

5. So new houses are being built in our neighborhood like crazy. We had been hearing rumors that a house at the end of the street had been built by a family with 3 little boys and that it would be ready in August. Well turns out that one of my really good friends from high school will be moving into it! We had lost touch over the years. Seriously, I could not have been more excited to find out that they will be moving in in a few weeks! 

6. Our plantation shutters finally came in. They are are up, and they look fan-tab-u-lous!

7. I've gotta kick this Mt. Dew habit that I've been on for the past 2 months. Every summer it seems as though I get on a drink kick. Last year it was Mickey D's sweet tea. 

8. On Sunday I took some photos of my friend Katie's little girl, Jordan, and they turned out really cute. I'm not sure I'm allowed to post them though because Katie is going to be using one for her birthday invitations.

9. All of the stores around here are starting to put  WVU football gear out. I snatched Sophie up a WVU jersey today b/c those things go like hot cakes. I can't believe that summer is over 1/2 way over and football season is right around the corner!

10. So I've gotta figure out what to do with Reggie and his litter box. He.Makes.A.Mess! Our laundry room is like walking in a sand pit because he drags litter out of his litter box. What in the heck am I suppose to do to make it stop!! Anyone have a cat and have any advice? 


Anonymous said...

Kitty litter spreads worse than a wildfire! You just have to dry swiffer several times a week or buy the swiffer with the vacuum and run it a couple times a week. Litter boxes with swinging doors helps, but my cat hates them. Good luck!


Katie said...

I definitely understand why you were ready to kill Sophie for running away. I knew she was clever but didn't know she could operate the deadbolt.

You could also put a small (cheap) rug under and in front of the litter box in the hope that some will come off of Reggie's paws as he gets out of the litter box. Thanks for keeping the pics of Jordan under wraps. They are fabulous and the birthday invites should go out in early to mid-August so you're free to post them then.

BTW- Where did you find toddler sized jerseys?

Anonymous said...

in our new house, we installed a kitty door on the door to the basement. if your house has a basement, you can keep the kitty litter down there. it took her a while to get used to the door but now she goes through it just great.


Anna said...

1. I figured she'd run out sooner. She has some smart parents.
3. Painting is awesome. Starting small is always best and smaller rooms make more sense to start in.
4. At least they live closer to the beach then us Kansans. :)
7. Just don't give Little Bit any sweet tea like in SC. LOL. ;)
9. Go KU!

Just some thoughts. :) Love you all.

Paula said...

We have a covered liter box that helps with the kicking of liter. It is also the kind that you tilt on the side to clean. We love it. Then we have a pad that you put under the opening that has little "splkes" that makes their paws open up a little and releases more litter.

Paula said...


and I would have been so scared if Lydia ran like that..oh my.

Neurotic Atty said...

When I lived with my ex, who had 2 cats, we finally just resorted to buying a cover for the litter box. It was essentially a pet carrier without a door, but made with a litter box.

Love, love, love all the pictures of Sophie lately! I can't believe how big she's getting!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

My heart jumped just thinking about how you must have felt when you couldn't find Sophie. I hope she knows never to do that to you again!

The Lewis Family said...

I love green paint!!!!! I have a couple green rooms plus work makes fun of me for using it so much in the showroom - oh well - i love it!
Sherwin Williams - Hearts of Palm is very pretty (my laundry/bath room).