Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lovin' Me Some Edward

So I joined thousands upon thousands of people (probably the majority of which was 14 year old girls) over the weekend to catch a peek at Twilight. I would say "holy crap" but since the Sophie police has banned that word, I'll stick with an old fashion, "Oh my god!" Sure it wasn't as good as the book. When in the history of cinematography has a movie ever been better than the book? But it was pretty darn fantastic. Even the soundtrack was perfect! I'm glad I have Janice to share my obsession with!  I have a serious crush on a certain 22 year old. I wonder if he would be interested in an older woman? 

I know I've said it before, but if you haven't jumped on the band wagon yet, then there is a void in your life. HA! And here I thought that it didn't get any better than the Harry Potter series. Ol' Harry has a serious flaw. He's missing the hotness factor. 

And here's what I'm getting for Xmas. FedEx is delivering him straight from London. 


Jaidean said...

I'm glad you liked it! I am going to try to go next week and seems like most of the reviews have been bad!

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

I have only read the first book and found it so so, but I'm NOT digging any of the movie characters. They just don't seem right compared to their book descriptions.

However, I am still harboring a grudge that HP movie 6 SHOULD have been out this month but they delayed it to make more money (like the gazillion it will make isn't enough). I'm not grudging enough not to go see HP though of course. ;)

maria said...

i am dying to read the book, i have it and another book that are collecting dust on my desk. once we get moved i am hoping to have more time.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I'm dying to see the movie! That guy is smokin' hot!

Anonymous said...

ok, I am older than all of you and can honestly say that I really liked the twilight series. In my opinion, they are much much, much better than the Potter series. No comparison, hands down. Can't wait to go see it this weekend. And yes Kim, Edward looks "hot" and alot like I have him pictured in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Read the books AND saw the movie! Loved them all! Some things weren't as good as I was hoping, some things were better, but you're right, and the cheese factor was pretty high, but my favorite movies are high in cheese (Bring it On!, anyone?)so I loved it! Can't wait for New Moon!!!