Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. I have the day off! Yippie!!! One of the many advantages of working for government. The month of November ROCKS. Poor Steven who is a Vet had to work today. As he headed out the door this morning he said "your welcome." I promptly rolled over and went back to sleep.

2. Our house is officially FOR SALE. If you know of anyone wanting to purchase a lovely home in the Winfield area send 'em my way. How I'm going to keep my house clean and ready for potential showings is beyond me.

3. Tis the season! Since this is the first Christmas that Little Bit actually "gets," I'm making it my mission to really get into the Christmas spirit this year. We've already watched the old school Rudolph movie.

4. In a month, Steven and I will be heading to Mexico! Actually, we were going to cancel our trip since we are trying to sell our casa. BUT even with buying trip insurance, we can't cancel unless someone is sick or dies. C'est la vie. I guess I'll be forced to board a plane and fly to a tropical paradise with no kids and all the margaritas I care to drink.

5. In a month we'll hopefully be meeting Sophie's first girl cousins!!! She's totally perplexed that there are 2 coming at once. 

6. Little Bit asks to go trick-or-treating every other day. Poor kid doesn't get that it's a once a year thing.

7. I have a weakness. And that weakness is the Baby Gap. So ol' girl will be wearing this ensemble for her Xmas play and pictures. I like that is says "party dress." It is Jesus' birthday after all so why not wear a party dress! I'm calling it now that Sophie will want to buy him a cake. And I'm just crazy enough to buy one b/c I love cake. Think the peeps at the Walmart would find it crazy if I asked for a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake?

8. Oh, this is big. I'm gonna be a God Mother. Yep, crazy huh? The pool of candidates,  as with this past election, must have been pretty shallow. HA! Just kidding. But the lucky kid is little Jackson! My friend Andrea said that she'd have to bow and kiss my ring the next time she seems me. Right on sister!

9. Although I wasn't a supporter, it is pretty cute to hear Little Bit scream "OBAMA" when you ask her who the president is. Lord if he gets his girls a puppy to take to the white house my GOP heart just might crack and grow like the Grinch.

10. Did I mention that I have the day off? I'm off to watch the Food Network!

And here's one snapped by Daddy-o (he kills me with that flash!). I haven't taken any pics since Halloween. 


Lara said...

Go in ask for a cake that says, "Happy birthday Jesus!" but pronounce it "Hay-soos." They'll think you're buying it for your Mexican cousin!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Ha, good one, Lara, too funny!

I love, love, love that dress! I am sad that it only comes as big as a 5.

Where are you guys moving?? And why am I so jealous that you are going to Mexico even though we just went a mere few weeks ago?

starfitch said...

I saw that dress and came SO close to buying it. I just love it!

Ooh, does a margarita sound good.

My inlaws actually have a whole event during Christmas where they bake and decorate a birthday cake for Jesus. :-)

Paula said...

That dress is perfect!

Anonymous said...

lovin the dress. you are so bad, I can truly see you asking for a Jesus cake. Of course, any reason works for Sophie, when it comes to a party.

Shana-Lynn said...

I haven't been to your blog in a while and Sophie has changed so much in that short time.

A trip Mexico sounds so good right now. This weather is so depressing here in OH.

Jenny said...

I LOVE that dress- I have to admit that I am a little jealous that since Jackson is a boy I won't get to buy any cute dresses- but it would be awkward to put him in a dress.

And it was a competitive pool of God Mother candidates!