Thursday, October 16, 2008

31 Months

Or 2 years and 7 months to be exact. 

Dear Sophia,

I almost forgot to post your letter this month since we are on vacation! Lucky for you, wireless Internet exists. So here we are in South Carolina. I don't know what exactly happens when we go out of town but you turn into a completely different person. A perfect little travel companion. Pleasant, easy going, happy, funny, practically perfect in every way. I really think we could drive you across the country and you'd be happy as a lark just along for the ride. I've gotta be honest, you aren't always as chipper at home. In fact, sometimes when we are home I think about taking you on a trip. A long trip, on a plane to Rome Italy. Because once there, I have a feeling that we would run into this certain family of Gypsies who hang out near the train station. The same ones who took me for 5 euros about six years ago because they INSISTED on helping me with my suit case. I think they'd gladly take you in and put you to work luring tourists in with your version of Twinkle Twinkle while the other Gypsies do the pickpocketing. 

You probably won't remember this trip. You'll only see photographs and read this letter. But let me tell you Sophie B. Carr, you are one lucky little girl. It's not everyday that a person gets to head down south with four generations in the same vehicle. It's a special thing for you to be able to play games with your great grandmother and for her to tell you crazy stories. Especially the one about some crazy little boy named "Epamimus."  Although locking her and your great great aunt in the closest and not letting them come out might not be their idea of fun. The fact that they are willing to go along with your antics makes  them slightly insane too. 

So yesterday we checked out a plantation. As we pulled into the parking lot we saw one of the old slave cabins which was open to the public. Ever the optimist, you walk in, turn around with your hands outstretched and say "oooo, this is a NICE little house!!" Good thing you aren't the tour guide, you'd have people thinking that the slaves had it made in the shade! 

The plantation also had the world's only clean and non-stinky petting zoo. I'm pretty sure you could have stayed in there all day chasing pigs and goats around. You remain an animal lover at heart. And this:

Completely blew your mind! 

I'll make this short Little Bit since you want to head back down to the beach.  I really wish that I could bottle you up at this age. So fun, so nutty, so sweet, and so Sophie B. 

Love Mama 


Stephanie said...

Love the goat on the bench! Just chillin!!!! On another note...they are growing up way too fast! Gracie again asked this morning for Sophie to come home and actually started to cry when I told her it would be a few more days!

Shana-Lynn said...

I so look forward to your letters to Sophie, they are so fun to read.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I love your letters, too! The goat on the bench is super funny!

Anonymous said...

Love this post and everything about Sophie B. IF WE COULD SAVE TIME IN A BOTTLE


Janice said...

I need some of whatever Sophie has whenever we travel because the kids are the total opposite! Your letters to Sophie are always so funny and sweet and I just know she's going to enjoy reading them one day.

By the way, that video of her singing is just adorable. I love her little voice. :)

Lara said...

Very sweet, Kim! And the last lines really sum it up nicely!