Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. So my computer is still possessed by the devil but I'm living with it for another week before I send it back because I want to take it on vacation with me. Man it doesn't get more 1st world than that! 

2. There's a new obsession around here, the Wizard of Oz. I've seen it almost daily for a week! 

3. Little Bit is a bike peddling queen these days. 

4. Notice the high water pants in that pic?  I've yet to find a pair of jeans that fit her. So in the meantime she's wearing last year jeans which fit in the waist but are way to short! Which is worse, long jeans that you trip over, or short jeans that make you look like you ride the short bus!

5. On Saturday four of my law school girlfriends and I got all of our kiddos together for a picnic at a park. It's crazy that in just 5 years all four of us have kids! Taking a picture of 5 kids is IMPOSSIBLE. This was the best I could do! (Vivian, Ethan, Emma, Sophie, Jordan, and Baby Jackson.)

6. I'm starting to do some Christmas shopping and I'm at a loss on what to get Miss. Thing. Any ideas? I know I want to get her a cash register but apart from that I've got nothing. 

7. We are getting closer and closer to putting our house for sell in this fabulous economy. GiGi came over on Saturday and repainted Sophie's playroom back to a nice taupe (how nice was that!) and we turned the room back into an office. The goal is to have the "for sale" sign in our yard by "trick-or-treat" night for maximum exposure! 

8. Here's Little Bit and Ethan on the slide. I secretly hope she marries him, ha! 

9. Tomorrow is picture day at school. Here's hoping she doesn't look like an ragged orphan before picture time. When I pick her up in the evening, she looks like she's been through WWI!

10. I've gotta get to crackin' and get to packin! 


Megan said...

Yay for bike-peddling...so cute!!

We're having major pants issues as well. Ours is kind of the opposite...Eleanor needs 18 months length because her pelvis practically rests on her feet, but they're a little snug around the tummy...

Lara said...

Glad you girls had fun at your picnic! Love the picture of all the kiddos together!

Shana-Lynn said...

We have the same issue with pants and it stinks! We need a 4T for length but in the waist she could still be wearing 2T. My mom always tells me to "sewn on a ruffle", but I think a 4 inch ruffle on all her pants is a bit much. :)

Where are you all moving to? Good luck with selling your place.

maria said...

Ashley has quite a few pair of high waters right now too. I just roll them up and try to pass them off as capris!
have fun on vacation!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

We are having pants problems, too--he needs to move up a size for the length but his waist is still so tiny that he can still wear 18-24 months!

Love the picture with all the kiddos--too cute!

Jamie said...

Same pants problem here! There seems to be a really big difference between 3 and 4!

I've been thinking about gifts for Avery too, so here are my ideas to share. I had a cute bracelet made on Etsy for her (and I know you are a fellow Etsy junkie), and am thinking about some sort of computer since she is obsessed with them. Not sure if Sophie is into either of those things though :) Good luck!

CBRESQ said...

The picnic was cool. I need to post a few pics too. Thanks so much for helping get it together, we really enjoyed hanging out at the park with everyone.

Janice said...

Well, Ethan is a little cutie and I could totally see he and Sophie getting married :) .

The Wizard of Oz monkies freak me out to this day. Just thought you should know.

That picture of Sophie chugging the root beer is the best! My kind of girl, lol.

P.S. I tagged you.