Sunday, June 1, 2008


That would describe Steve-o and me somewhat, although he worked much harder than me, this evening. We worked like D-O-Double G's on our patio this weekend. Power washing, mulching, laying blocks, planting flowers. The whole enchilada! Now normally I'm not "allowed" to buy flowers because without fail, they wither up and die.  However, this year is different. It's different because my shadow, i.e. Sophia Carr, is a WATER NAZI! So our flowers have no chance in the world of dying due to lack of water.

Yesterday evening Sophie got a HUGE treat for helping out with the flowers. All of the sudden we heard music, and saw this fella....and yes, he's cruising around in a "short bus," rolling through the hood. 

And he was selling these puppies! 

Needless to say, she has a new best friend! 


Anonymous said...

yummy, that looks yumo.
can't wait to see your patio, sounds like you guys have it looking good.

Anonymous said...

So, how about some photos of this new and improved patio? Sounds like you were being Ty Pennington and doing an extreme patio makeover in 48hrs!

You need to send Sophie B to Motown to be the water of my flowers. Mine always turn burn and die due in mid-July b/c I forgot to water them for days.


Paula said...

hmm sounds like we all have the same brown thumb

Jonathan's Mommy said...

That sounds exhausting just reading about it! I hope you treated yourself with something from the ice cream truck as well!

Jamie said...

We haven't caught up with the popsicle man yet.. but he's a little scary these days, so that might be a tradition I don't pass down :)

Your hard work will definitely pay off when you have a beautiful patio to enjoy this summer. Great job!

Maria said...

to funny, sophie can come up here b/c i potted some flowers for our patio here and we have only been here 3 weeks and they are almost dead!!

Anonymous said...

gotta love the good humor truckloved the blog

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Sheesh! That IS a lot of work! I'm feeling you on the flowers. I don't plant them anymore because I don't like to water them, and I don't have a Sophie to water them for me.

All the Chadwicks said...

LOVE the short bus selling popsicles! What a hoot!