Monday, June 16, 2008

27 Months

On the day that you turned 27 months old another big even happened in your little world. You started transitioning into a new room at day care. Although it's time, over due in fact. And although you are ready, more than ready, for some reason  a part of me is upset about it. 

Maybe it's because I know how much you love your Brenda and I know how much your little heart is going to break when you have to move out of her room  so that makes my heart break for you as well. Or maybe it's because I look in the older room and see big kids. Really big kids who can carry on philosophical conversations with you (ok not really) but regardless, they don't seem like babies any more. And I'm just not ready to let that part of you go. Granted, you'll always be my baby, my one and only, but sometimes it's like you're telling babyhood to suck it.  But when I least expect it, every now and then you'll lay your head on my shoulder and say "rock me mama." So at least you throw me a bone here and there to let me know that your not a 100% certified big girl. 

You seem to have lots of self confidence and quite the ego these days. Your daddy had you in Walmart a few weeks ago and you felt the need to say "I PRETTY" to another shopper who happened to be walking by. Almost every morning, you admire what you have on said say, "wookie daddy, i really cute!" 

Your little voice cracks us up. You're hopeless with the letter "r", and you sort of remind me of Elmer Fudd, weally you do. And your "Fs" are a hoot. Doesn't every fish eat Pish pood (fish food)? And oh my god, the way you butcher Stephanie's name. It's so out there that I can't even repeat it!  Good thing we know a few speech therapists in case things don't get straightened out! 

We STILL have not set up your big girl room. For almost 2 months now, your big girl bed has been sitting in a box in the basement. We are petrified to give up the jail cell like confines of your crib. I'm guessing that it's a form of child abuse to physically strap you to your big girl bed. But we seriously have to get a move on. We are going to be giving your crib to baby Ruby and she'll be here before we know it! So when we get back from the beach, sitting up your new room is #1 on the "to do" list. 

Lets see. We've now watched 987 episodes of Dora, and  we've listened to 1, 283, 743 Wiggles songs. In fact, cars driving by probably think I've lost my mind when they pass us on the interstate and see a crazy woman "Move Like an Emu" in the car. 

So that my darling has been month 27. Nothing too off the wall.  Oh and one more thing. I hope you never loose this cute little gap between your teeth. It's totally working for you. 



Jami said...

I love reading these!! they grow up way too fast.

Anonymous said...

just beautiful. I know it's hard but Sophie will be just fine with PJ. I think it going to be just as hard on ms brenda as it will be on Sophie. Someday Sophie is going to be thrilled you wrote these for her.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say...Sophie is growing up! Yep, it happens to the best of 'em. She definitely is losing her "baby" look and that picture is the proof. She looks so much like a "little girl" instead of a baby.
And I am totally there with you on the whole "moving to the new class" at daycare. When Daren moved out of the nursery (2 months ago) I was ready to adopt another baby!!
Hang in there only gets worse!!! :-)

Jonathan's Mommy said...

The room transition is so hard! Jonathan will be doing the same thing soon and it breaks my heart! I've thought that the other two times as well, but this one is going to be hard on me as well!

I agree with you--I hope Sophie keeps the gap because it is adorable!

CBRESQ said...

She looks like such a little lady, but she will always be your little girl. And she will totally have volumes of pictures and blog posts to look back on how she grew and changed and how you felt about it and I think that is very cool.

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Wow, you're right, she does seem like such a big girl these days! I can't believe how much she's grown since I first started reading your blog.

What's up with the "p's" and "f's," by the way? Lily does that, too. The other day, Lily tooted and told my mom, "I parted!" My mom was not amused.

Paula said...

super cute, she does look like a little girl

The Kiser's said...

that is such a nice picture of Sophie. She's very adorable.

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Anonymous said...

I think that is my favorite picture of little Sophie! I love it. She is getting so big now. I can't believe where the time goes. She'll always be your little baby though! Take care!!


Megan said...

Happy 27 months, Sophie B.!!

I've never noticed the precious little gap in her teeth, but you're so right...she's totally working it!! :)

Janice said...

I am partial to the little gap between the teeth. Happy 27 Months, sophie!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful smile! She does look so grown up already! Hope she likes her new daycare room! -Amy