Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Month 25

I feel like I should start this month's post by saying that I realize that your birthday was on the 16th day of March and not the 15th. I was looking through the previous months and realized that I always post on the night before the 16th. Just thought I'd clear that up. So now, on to month 25.

Dear Sophie B

This month it's just been the two of us. Daddy had to work countless hours so we've been having lots of girl time. Lots and lots of girl time. And I've love it, and I've, err...well I've loved it. But I will say that your daddy is due to give you a bath for like the next two months. I need a break!

Your vocabulary has completely taken off this month. Girl friend, you are now talking in complete sentences and can carry on a mini conversation with us. Every day you amaze us with some new word that you bust out. And I'm proud to say that you've YET to repeat any curse words. I've really been working on that. I'm sure it's bound to happed. You are my daughter. And at 3 I once told my great great uncle Lewis to get his GD chickens off the porch because there was chicken sh*t everywhere. Nice. And that my dear, is the DNA that flows through your little body. Embrace it kidd-o. 

In just the past month, a new woman has entered our lives, and her name is Dora. And apparently, she's the center of the earth and we all revolve around her. Swiper the Fox has now swiped all but one of your pacifiers while you were sleeping.  "OH MAN." He just needs to swipe one more and you'll be free from your nighttime crack pipe for all of eternity. YAY!  

And your new favorite phrase in the whole wide world is "Who's dat?" Or "What dat?" And we now read no less than 10 books a night. And it's getting to the point where I can't skip pages. You totally call us out! Overall, you are just growing WAY too fast. I know that any moment I'm going to take you to school and your teachers are going to inform me that you'll soon be moving to the next room.  I look around and you and Gracie are now two of the oldest kids in your class. 

So now we are heading toward month 26. We have lots of stuff planned as it gets warmer. And I can't wait for you to experience everything! And I'm asking you now, PLEASE don't give us a hard time when we move you into your big girl bed. PLEASE for the love of god, stay in your bed. We value our sleep more than health insurance. 

Happy 25th month Little Bit! 


Megan said...

You HAVE to let me know how that pacifier thing goes!

Good luck on the big girl bed! The furniture and bedding are Beeee-utiful!

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Ohmigosh! The pink Chucks with the dress...how cute is that? By the way, I cannot believe you're blaming Swiper for the pacifiers! Wrong, so very wrong. ;)

Paula said...

love the dress and picture...funny you mention the paci...i was going to ask you in that email how that was going..not looking forward to that either. i know she will do great in her big girl bed!

Shana-Lynn said...

Happy 25 months!

Good luck with the new big girl bed.
That dress is adorable.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I love the picture! The balloons and the dress are just lovely!

We had a super easy transition to the big bed so I hope you do too! Same with the paci, it was worse in my head than it turned out to be in real life. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love your letters to Sophie, they me make me laugh and cry. Can't wait to see her big girl bed.. Love the picture!!!

Anonymous said...

You're right, she is growing WAY too fast! I still can't get over the fact that you are just now accepting that Dora rules the world. She has controlled every minute of my television for way to long now. Evan wanted the play room pink and purple for God's sake!!!

BTW...This fall, Andrew will be too old to go to daycare, and Daren has moved out of the nursery to the "real" class!! And there are no more babies to come. Yep, it is a sad day when that happens. I would suggest liquor to cope! LOL

Jaidean said...

Cute picture! Love her little pink converse with that dress!

Janice said...

Look at that smile!! Looooove the pink Chucks!! Good luck witht the big-girl-bed. Let me know how it goes!

Happy 25 Months. Sophie!