Sunday, April 13, 2008

Easy Sunday

Time for one of those random posts. We had an easy sunday. Visited Papaw Rocky, baked brownies, and made dinner. So here's some random things going on. 

-Only two more days left of tax season. YAY! 

-Only 4 more days until I turn the big 3-0. Ouch! 

-Operation big girl room has started. I ordered Sophie big girl furniture last Friday and I've had her bedding for about a month now. But there's this little voice in my head that keeps telling me that I'm crazy for wanting to move her out of her crib. I'm probably going to be opening up a HUGE can of worms.

-Operation "Pumpkin Patch" is also under way at Papaw Rocky's farm. Today he did some clearing and burning. Last year we headed to this sad little pumpkin patch (the only one in the area) on the side of the interstate and paid WAY to much for some crappy pumpkins and a photo opportunity. So a few months ago I had a epiphany. Rocky has a 600 acre farm, pumpkin seeds cost pennies, so we'll have our OWN pumpkin patch. Complete with a party this fall for all of our friends and family with kids! FREE PUMPKINS! We'll probably have pumpkins coming out of our ears!

-We are 6 days away from the "Greatest Show on Earth." I just hope that Sophie isn't the "Greatest Brat on Earth." Sadly, I can't wait for the $10 bag of cotton candy. 

-We have some Memorial Day plans in the works with Gracie and her parents. A trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Idlewild park (home to Mr. Roger's neighborhod). Sophie LOVED the zoo last year and I have a feeling that it's going to a thousand times better this year.

-Oh and finally. And this is big so you might want to sit (of course you probably are sitting if you are on the computer). The WIGGLES are coming to Pittsburgh in AUGUST! OMG. This is like the Beatles come to America big. Sophie just might have a heart attack seeing Jeff live and in person! 

I'll leave you with Sophie and Oscar the Boxer. You can see the love on Oscar's face. 


Anonymous said...

Love the look on doggie's face. I see the love. Mr.Robert's is the best. Love easy Sundays even if they don't exsist in my world.


Paula said...

Sounds like you have some great plans coming up. I hope we get Lydia to the zoo soon. Our first attempt got washed out with rain. The pumpkin patch sounds great!

Maria said...

Poor oscar has that same look that izzy gets, i think it is fear though, not love!! love the new furniture and bedding.

Anonymous said...

Cute,Cute,Cute! You can tell Sophie really loves Oscar! I bet Oscar loves the attention as well! Sounds like a fun summer! Love you! Aunt Amy and Ty xoxo

Anonymous said...

knowing you and Rocky you guys will have enough pumpkins for all of Put co. All the plans sound great. I can't wait for the circus either, Sophie and Gracie will love it. Pics are adorable.

Shana-Lynn said...

The pumpkin patch sounds awesome! I can't wait to see those babies. We went to the zoo a couple of times last year, Aubree loved it. You guys will have a great time again this year. Aubree's favorite animal was the snow leopard, you'll have to check him out.

I left a message on my blog for you:)

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Surely you're going to Storybook Forest, too, since it's right there with Idlewild. We used to go up there every year with the kids. Of course, I was a teenager/early 20-something, but I never got tired of it. The kids always had so much fun!

BTW, 30 sucks more than you know. That's why I'm 27.

Jami said...

Hope you have fun at the circus. We took Zack 6 months or so ago and it has changed so much from what I remember. Zack started to lose interest in it. I would LOVE to take Zack to the Wiggles, especially when he was Sophie's age. He isn't as big of a fan now.

CBRESQ said...

Agriculture Rocks - It will be great fun for Sophie to "manage" the pumpkin patch. My neighbor Wanda has a huge garden at her house (ours is 1/3 her size) - we decided that since Vivian is too little to weed the garden that maybe we can make the rows wide enough for her to roll down to mash the weeds. Kids & dirt and a summer full of zoos and wiggles - what more do you need:) Cute pic of Oscar & Sophie.

Anonymous said...


You will have so much fun at Idlewild Park. Story Book Forest is my favorite part. It is an especially great place when kids are little (entertaining for both the young and old).

Carrie S.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

The Wiggles are awesome! Seriously, one of the best shows I've seen barring Buffett! Jonathan was only 13 months when they were here in 2007 but he, me and my mother enjoyed it! I am so jealous because I still have some Anthony love!

The circus is coming here in June and Jonathan and I are definitely going. We did the Kosairs circus a few months ago. He liked it so I am sure Sophie will love Ringling Bros as it's a TON better!

And 30 hasn't been that bad so far. I'm not ready for a ringing endorsement but it's been pretty good!