Tuesday, January 15, 2008

22 Months

Little Bit,

So I'm posting this on the 15th even though you'll officially be 22 months at midnight. Anywho, this past month has been jammed packed with excitement, the big event of course being Christmas. If anything, this past Christmas has made me even more excited for next Christmas because I know that next year you'll "get it" a little more. Sure you thought that all of the new toys were "cool" and "awesome" (two of your favorite words) but you still woke up on Christmas morning like it was any ordinary day. I'm still a little p-oed that I was unable to get your picture taken with "HoHo" (as you like to call him). Do you understand that when you are 30 years old and you look back over the pictures of your childhood that there will be a big old blank spot in the yearly photos with Santa? And I'll have to say "sorry, you thought Santa was Satan reincarnated that year." C'est la vie, I guess.

This month you continue to be a little chatter box and you've become little Miss Manners by saying "please, thank-you, and you delcome" ALL of the time. And we LOVE it! It doesn't get much cuter. It also doesn't get much cuter than putting your own self in time out for knocking over your doll house. Your daddy looked over at me and said "Is she for real? Did she really just put herself in time out?" Oh yes you did. And we had to fight back the laughter because you truly did deserve a time out for that little number.

We "thought" that you were ready to start potty training this month. I say "thought" because you had been doing great peeing on the potty before your nightly bath. However, just tonight as were letting you run around without a diaper, asking you every five minutes if you had to pee, you accidentally whizzed on the couch. The couch is new no moe (the r intentionally left off of that "more"). So back on go the diapers. I think we've 100% decided that Ms. PJ, who will be your new teacher when you move out of Ms. Brenda's room this summer, can potty train you. That woman has been potty training 2 year olds for over 17 years. As a tall black woman who we've overheard say "boy you'd better get that bathroom and pee and poop" I have no doubts that she'll put the fear of god in you and you'll be squatting and dropping in no time flat. Perfect.

The signing continues around here. 99.9% of the time you sound like those people they show on the first episode of American Idol. Except you're cute and those people are like watching a train wreck. The latest hit around here is "This Little Light of Mine." You especially like part where you "hide it under a bushel" just so you can scream "NOOOOOO" at the top of your lungs.

And you totally crack us up by calling my dad "Rock." Granted his name is in fact "Rocky" but there's no grandpa, no papa, no papaw, it's just Rock. Oh and apparently, PapPap Carr looks like Senator John McCain. He was on TV the other evening and you jumped up and down screaming "PAPPAP, PAPPAP!" You know what Little Bit, you truly are one funny little girl.Keep it up Little Bit, keep it up.

Love Mama

More pictures of Billy Bobs to come, thanks to Stephanie.


Anonymous said...

Absoluetly precious!!!!!!
No doubt about it, Sophie B is a riot.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Yet another awesome monthly milestone post! Rock--that is precious! And the McCain comment had me cracking up! That is a great picture at the end! Jonathan is coming to WV for a visit with my parents very soon and I need to encourage my Mom to take a trip to good old Billy Bob's!

Neurotic Att'y said...

Another lovely post. I hope you're printing these out to bind in a book, though, because by the time Sophie is an adult and old enough to truly appreciate your beautiful letters, our humble little internet will be an unworkable "dinosaur" which she and her friends will laugh at as "primitive." Remember DOS? Yeah, print these bad boys out and bind 'em!

Anonymous said...

Putting herself in time-out is the funniest thing I have ever heard! Soon she'll be trying to put mama and daddy in time-out! She is sooo cute! Hugs and kisses from Ty, Aunt Amy and Uncle Sean

Jami said...

You had me rolling especially with Ms. PJ and John McCain!!!

Megan said...

Happy 22 months, Sophie B! "Rock"- hilarious!

Shana-Lynn said...

"Pap Pap Carr looks like John McCain"...what a riot! I just about choked on my popcorn on that one. Happy 22 months!!

Kim, were you the blogger momma who was an expert on Disney?? If so, let me know! I need all the expert advice I can get!

Janice said...

Love it!! Sophie is such a character!!! I think PappPapp should be lucky Sophie thinks he looks like John McCain. Cameron had called this one blue colored bald guy/puppet from Sesame Street "Papa" one time. :-P