Saturday, December 22, 2007

Round 1

And so it begins. And talk about fun! Steven's parents came down yesterday to celebrate Christmas with us. So this morning Sophie had some goodies waiting for her. She ripped into her presents like a champ but every single piece of paper had to go into the trash before she would move on to another piece. My little neat freak. Anywho, she's now the proud owner of a doll house:

a shopping cart, a Wiggles CD (compliments of Aunt Laura & Uncle Brian) that says "Sophia" in all of the songs (and if you are an avid Wiggles fan this is super cool), some clothes and PJs, and an adorable bear (thanks Aunt Jeff!). But there was one gift in particular that was a grand slam.

Wondering what could put that look on her face?

Yep, her very own REAL digital camera. She absolutely LOOOOVES it and went around all morning snapping pictures and saying cheese. So a great big thank-you to Aunt Amy and Uncle Sean. And maybe now she'll keep her paws off of our cameras!

We also had two little Christmas miracles today. Miss Sophie B peed on the potty 2 times today! W00-who! Maybe playing with the miniature potty in her doll house made something click!


Jamie said...

Wow she scored!
I thought about a camera this year, but though my daughter would be too young... darn!! Now I wish I would have gotten one.
Yay for using the potty, that's great, I hope it keeps up!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Santa has started in a big way. Good job Aunt Amy, Sophie looks like she loves the camera.

Paula said...

potty two times! talk about our babies growing up! mark wanted to get lydia a camera and mp3 player both from fisher price...

Maria said...

What a cute doll house! I dont know about you but with christmas and birthdays i always wonder where I am going to put all these toys! Have a merry christmas

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Sophie! I'm glad she liked her camera. Now she can learn to take beautiful pictures just like her mommy! We love you Sophie. Aunt Amy, Uncle Sean, and Ty

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Love the doll house! We have that camera, too, and there is nothing funnier than looking at the pictures they take!