Sunday, December 16, 2007

21 Months And Counting

Dear Sophia,

It's your mama again so that means that you've grown another month older. Will you stop already! In three months we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday and I'm just not sure that we are ready for you to be a full blown toddler. But I guess they say time marches on.

We are currently at defcon Xmas. Your daddy and I are super excited for you to wake up on Christmas morning to see what Santa has left but you are clueless as to what's gonna go down. You love the tree and the lights and "ho ho" is cool to look at from afar but NOT close up. I guess we should appreciate your ignorant bliss because one day you'll be wanting a $500 Play Station 10 and all your daddy will get for Xmas is a tie and I'll end up with a pair of pjs.

"Cinkle, cinkle, wittle star" is the most beautiful song that my ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I say it every month but your love of music and singing continues to grow. And talk about melting our hearts, every night your daddy sings "What a Wonderful World" to you, well you've started to sing parts of it to us. It's right then and there that I want to freeze time and keep you exactly the way you are forever and ever. But then I remember how I had to put you in "time out" five times earlier that evening and I'm soon ready to push play and move on.

And speaking of time out, this month you've started to get the whole concept. Granted you sometimes think it's a big game. But for the most part, time out breaks your heart and hearing you say "sorry mama" is a whole other level of cuteness. I have to admit that one time I put you in time out for a pretty minor offense just so I could hear you say "sorry mama."

You are starting to string lots of words together. The other night you told GiGi to "leave now." I'm sure she's already forgiven you though. And this morning when I handed you your juice you said, "tank you, you delcome." Oh and I think it's safe to say that we've found something that you like almost as much as the Wiggles. Good ole Fraggle Rock, which you've dubbed "Frag Rock." I can honestly say that never in my wildest dreams would I have pictured myself at 30 watching 1984 episodes of Fraggle Rock over and over again. But I guess that's just another one of the million and one fringe benefits that comes along with getting to be your mommy.

Love Mama

And here we are getting your hair cut today. I didn't want to do it but you had to have some bangs cut. I'll ask you now to forgive me for making you look like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.

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Rhianna Shea said...

oh my god... so your letter to sophia was so touching that i could cry... but now i'm sure my neighbors think i'm a complete lunatic b/c the thing about the bangs and floyd from dumb and dumber has me laughing so uncontrollably that i can't stop!!!! take it from me and my many years of bad bang experience.... grow them out! scissors + hair dressers = disaster!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I, too, was all teary after the letter to Sophia until the Dumb and Dumber reference--too funny!

Jamie said...

oh dear, they may have taken a little too much... but she's cute enought to pull it off!
Happy 21 Months!!

Anonymous said...

Little Bit looks beautiful with her new haircut.
love the letter

Paula said...

don't worry sophie, hair grows...i am sure she is still cute as ever!

Anonymous said...

I know I should be commenting on the touching letter you wrote but I am currently laughing out loud at the dumb and dumber comparison. That is hilarious:)

Carrie S.

Megan said...

Awww...her first haircut! Another huge milestone in the life of a baby diva! :)

Shana-Lynn said...

Love the hair cut, it will grow back is so cute though!

Janice said...

Kim, your letters to Sophia are AWESOME!!! It's so funny and heartwarming at the same time! I still haven't forgiven my mom for giving me the same bangs as a child but I still love her to pieces and I'm sure Sophie would still love you no matter what hair cut you gave her! :-) She's still a beauty!!