Saturday, January 15, 2011

Room with a view

Ugh, i have been SICK! I tried to avoid it. I tried natural remedies, Nyquil, and everything in between. It didn't matter. My head still felt as though it might explode off the top of my body. As a result I have been LAZY. My picture o'the day fell to the way side. I've definitely been doing more of the "couch" part of the "Couch to 5K" app. I'm feeling better though so this week it's off to a new start!

I did accomplish buying our plane tickets to Puerto Rico this week! Our plans did have to change a little. Originally we were going to leave April 16th, the day after tax season. My 33rd birthday on the 17th was to be spent on a sail boat in the middle of the Caribbean. The government, however, intervened and had to go and ruin my life and extend the deadline for filing taxes to April 18th. (yes this is a complaint that only someone living in a 1st world country can make, now ask me if I care.) Stupid IRS. Just another reason why I can't wait to retire and Steven and I can become expats! Luckily we were able change the reservations on the condo we rented to the following week. So for nine glorious days this:

will be our view.

This trip is a BIG deal to me. We've never taken a week long vacation with just the three of us. Sure we've done small trips here and there. This one is all about us. By the time April 23rd rolls around we'll need it. This image is the wall paper on my computer. I look at it daily and the count down is on! When it's 24 degrees outside, I look at it. When tax season keeps our daddy at work for 12 hours a day, I look at it. When Sophia B. Carr is kicking and screaming and fighting us to the death over bedtime, I look at it. When I'm strapped to my desk chair at work, you guessed it, I look at it! I. CAN.NOT.WAIT!

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Anne said...

I love it! I'm jealous! Btw, love the new header!